The Passover Series

Time to consider change

I started of with the Passover series focusing on the title as: ‘The Plagues, the Punishment the Passover and the Pardon.’ It’s a catchy title and during this time of Corona Virus and the Passover period this made for good words that people would search for on a You Tube Platform. To this date, we have had more than 500 views on the first video only, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The ministry of the Word on whatever platform is an opportunity to engage with God. To engage with God implies change. Not change on His side since He is immutable. He cannot change. We have been predestined to be conformed to His image, and here during this season of lockdown and during the series on Passover, is time to be informed, with the goal of being transformed.

Passover Application

The Passover is a time to celebrate Gods divine intervention and redemption of His people from the enslavement of Egypt after 400 years of bondage. Its more than revisiting history, its also an opportunity to embrace Gods commitment to His people and His loyalty to His Word given to Abraham, hundreds of years ago. In addition is it an encouragement for us to keep on trusting a faithful God in times of difficulty and to see the prophetic significance of the Passover then and to view its application for us New Testament believers to view from this side of Calvary. Passover is more than a historical happening. It must happen to each one of us to redeem or deliver us from enslavement caused by the enemy of our souls, the devil himself. If you have already made Passover your own, then we celebrate the redemptive realities. There are pictures, and types and shadows of the first Passover then, which became realities of the last Passover in the Gospels.

Let my people go, that they might worship me:

We find ourselves in lockdown, as Israel did thousands of years ago, shortly before the 10th or last plague. God sent Moses then to demand from the most powerful leader, Pharao of the most powerful empire then, Egypt. His demand was to ‘Let my people go, that they may worship me’. While we are at home, we have time to reflect on the things that matters. These are: God, His Word, His people and we reflect on the people that matters to us most, those in the house, our families. Let us take the word ‘worship’ used in that demand God made, from Pharao. This very same word is also translated work, worship, serve and celebrate. That is what God wanted to receive from His people, even today. Worship Him, Serve Him, Work for Him and Celebrate Him. Anything and anyone that hinder Gods people from doing that is still in trouble today.

The Plagues = Judgement

Refusing to let go implied action or judgement from Gods side. The plagues were nothing else but judgement. In the same breath, it was judgement on what these plagues represented. The Nile was seen as a god and so was all the other insects and agricultural symbols representing gods or deities of various natures. These enslaved Gods people and He was about to destroy each one of them. Beware not to make a god of your economic resources, neither of your assets or even pleasure platforms. Do not worship them; they stand a chance to be judged. They are in God’s way when they enslaved you. I am not saying that this virus is a judgement from God. I cannot proof that from Scripture. I am however convinced that God will use this lockdown period as a test, to see whether you and I have done some inward searching and tested our ways. Examine your hearts. What and who are the gods that enslave you? God said so to a very successful king in Isaiah 38: Get your house in order. He took notice, repented and his life and reign as king was spared, another 15 years.

The number 10 is a Test

The number 10 is a number representing a test. The 10 Commandments is a test. 10 Plagues, a Test, 10 days of prayer waiting on the Holy Ghost in Acts 1, was a test. Only 24% of the more than 500 people Jesus appeared to after His Resurrection was in the Upper Room. Believe me, God is watching His people. Just because they were save in Goshen during 9 plagues does not mean they would be safe during the last, the 10th plague. Let us keep that in mind as we consider this important time in our lives and as we revisit this important feast. Let us get our houses in order. Lockdown is a grace to keep us safe and for us to look critically at our priorities again. God does not want any bad thing to happen to any of His people, provided they adhere to His Word. We are only truly safe, with God. The most powerful economy then, was not safe, even with a prominent leader like Pharao. Our Safety is with God and in the application of what He says.

God Bless.

Together in His Service.

Ps William Coraizin