The Four Kinds of Knowledge

Be the Message

The book of Hosea is the very first book after the major prophetic books in the Old Testament. Therefore, Hosea is the first of the Minor Prophets. Its biographical in nature as a lot of his personal life comes into play. One of the first lessons to learn from Hosea is that God did not just call him and gave him a message for his generation. His life had to be a message. You and I are many times the only Bible people will ever read. There are three major requirements that God expects from His people then and His people now. It would be wise to adhere to these, as the consequences of failing in this regard can be devastating to you and to those that are your responsibility. That is, the people who follows you. The requirements are be faithful in love, walk in truth and ensure you have knowledge of God. The leaders and the people failed in these and the consequences were devastating. Let us focus on the different aspects of knowledge.

Ignorance is not Bliss

In Chapter four Hosea states that this lack of knowledge results in national devastation and destruction spiritually, economically, morally and physically. Many believe that what they do not know will not hurt them. The devil wants you to believe exactly that. It is a lie and deception of the highest order. John 8:32 states; ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. The truth on its own will not set you free; knowing the truth, brings deliverance and liberation. Hosea goes further by stating that it is Gods people that is destroyed by a lack of knowledge. I would like to mention the four kinds of knowledge that applies here: Intellectual/Educational knowledge, Moral knowledge, Revelation knowledge and experiential knowledge. These are foundational for development and growth on multiple levels of life. A lack of these Hosea states will affect you, your priesthood and will result in a godforsaken next generation.

Intellectual/Educational knowledge

The advances and changes in technology demands that we stay in touch with and keep pace with developments, less we fall behind. Productivity demands education and training. Preparation time is never wasted time. We will never know it all, therefore a humble disposition and an open mind is a continuous required attribute in our lives. God wants His people to be excellent in what they do. He wants us disciplined and prepared continually. The finest universities and technical colleges are those who invest in research and development. To be excellent in your field, you need to be highly schooled and tutored by the people that knows their field of study. Nobody reach the top without sacrificing and learning through others. A Lack of educational knowledge results in poor performance in our careers. Readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Be a lifelong learner in your field. The apostle Paul encouraged the youth, the leaders of tomorrow, to study, to show themselves approved unto God. See 2Tim 2:15. Laziness remains a curse.

Moral Knowledge

This is the knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil. The Ten Commandments is a foundation and a standard for morality that was followed over many centuries by many a national constitution. It provided a legal framework that ensured a safe and secure society. To know is to be empowered to discern. Ultimately, the decision is still with you and me. God wants us to make informed decisions. It is wrong and evil to steal, kill, lie, manipulate and cheat. It results in inequalities where you and others are disadvantaged. Justice and righteousness is the twin towers of Gods character. His throne is built on those foundations. See Ps89:13-14. Righteousness is the moral standard of right and wrong to which God holds all humans accountable. Justice is the equitable and impartial application of Gods moral law in society. God wants both, at all times, in all situations for everybody. Many a church loves to focus only on the supernatural aspects of the gospel writings and the book of Acts. Unfortunately, they miss that the rest of the New Testament writings speaks of one thing repeatedly. Its character, character and once more character. The gifts of the spirit works best when it operates from the platform of the fruit of the Spirit. See Gal5:22 and Micah6:8.

Revelation Knowledge

In Math16:13-19 after walking with His disciples a couple of years, Jesus asked His disciples to tell Him who they think He is. Peter came forward with what may be the greatest words that ever escaped the lips of a human being. ‘You are the Christ, the son of the Living God.’. Jesus responded in a very excited manner saying: ‘Blessed are you Simon son of Jonah because flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you, but My Father in heaven. He continued to say that revelation knowledge and especially this revelation solidify the Church. Hell and its counsels will not stop such a church.
It is important that you read the written Word of God, called Logos. It is spending time with the written Word that the spoken Word, called rhema, is given to us. This rhema, is God speaking, personally into our hearts. It is an impartation, called a revelation. The preached Word awakens the same excitement. Your eyes and ears see and hear what they have never heard before and that captivates our hearts. This will make a rock out of you. This makes for strong believers. Engage with the written Word so you can encounter the Living Word, Jesus Christ Himself. One word from God can stabilize, build and uphold you, forever.

Experiential Knowledge:

It is the application of information that brings about transformation. This is how you encounter the presence, power and person of God. It makes for a testimony. Nobody can steal your experience. It brings a knowledge that boost confidence and appreciation towards God. Our Testimony defeats evil powers at all times. See Rev12:11. This works with the Word, applied morality and applied educational information. Davids experience with the bear and the lion allowed him to face and defeat Goliath.

Together in His Service.

William Coraizin
Pastor: Bethany Christian Church Durbanville, Cape Town South Africa