Letter from Pastor Willam – Jan 2019

Dear Church Family and Friends of Bethany,

Well wishes are in order for 2019. It is the first day of 2019 and our phones and different media platforms are flooded with abundance of well wishes. It is precious, acceptable and normal. Nobody in his or her right mind wants bad or evil things for himself or another. It is also very godly as ALL good things comes from above, from the father of lights with whom is no variableness or shadow of turning… including well wishes. I trust you enjoyed a few days of rest and could catch up with family and friends and places you have not seen and visited during a busy 2018. Before we can approach 2019 with all its uncertainties and mysteries let us start with thanksgiving for 2018. The latter is a cognitive exercise; it is a stock take, an inventory of what you have received from God on so many levels. Let us name them before God as we acknowledge His goodness and thank Him sincerely so.

The following words I feel God is saying to us for 2019: May this benefit you as you journey in 2019…together with the Lord.

Ephesians 2:10 It’s a glorious setup

‘For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them’ This Scripture in Ephesians stayed with me for quite some time concerning 2019. Read it aloud, slowly and think about it. Jesus already walked all 365 days of 2019 for you and me. He is not constrained by time or space. He sorted the issues, addressed the problems, and opened doors of valuable relationships. He also made available victories for us and defeated our enemies. The Lord Jesus is also known as the Way. He is the Way, makes the way and provide the answers. Therefore, answers and solutions are available for every
question and challenge. Nothing takes Jesus by surprise. Nothing is new to Him. He is never intimidated. This is a glorious setup. All of 2019 has been catered for. Even problems created by Satan and his cohorts will be servants to His good plans for us. You must believe this, else God is limited. In Ps78:41 the Psalmist lamented that we limit God, because we forget who He is and what His power is capable of. So, here at the start of 2019: Let us walk hand in hand with our Saviour, Jesus. Walk with Him boldly through these valleys of shadow and death threatening realities and see how He delivers us out of all our troubles, tribulations and destructions. See Ps107:20 ; Ps.34:19. Believe that He has this year in His hand. Tell it to yourself, tell it to others and declare it unto the heavens. Expect and thank Him that every issue is taken care of. Remember, you walk together, hand in hand into 2019. He has done His part. Ask Him, what is it that you need to do concerning each issue and challenge that awaits you. Some might require forgiveness, some prayer, some an act of faith. Some instances you may have to praise and at other times to give to others and support those in need. You might even be required to lay hands and minister. Each situation demands an act of faith on our side. Just do it and the heavens will unlock. It is a setup. You were made for 2019 and 2019 was made for you!

3 John verses 2-4 Gods heart for you

This Scripture reveals the heart of God for you and me. Notice that we are addressed as, ‘beloved’. You and I live in Gods heart. Naturally, we want the best for our loved ones. In this 3rd last book in the Bible, John expressed Gods will to prosper….above all other things.…and that you be in good health. Think about it. That is amazing…above all other things. This is Gods heart and desire for you. At all times. He cannot change. This is also true for 2019, where you find yourself, right now. Expect Gods goodness to catch up with you in this year. Your expectation is vital. Then He reveals what brings Him joy and pleasure…that we keep His Word in our hearts and walk in
accordance with His word. He rejoiced that the truth is in you. His Word, is Spirit-breathed, it’s alive and vibrant. Its living seed. The secret is to get it IN YOU. Do not take lightly when God speaks to you this year. Bring Him pleasure by keeping and presenting that same word to Him regularly. See 1Thess 2:13 and Acts19:20

Luke 6:17-19 Present the real Jesus in 2019.

Luke writes in this gospel about the ministry and life of Jesus and in this portion, he writes why people came to Him. Motives are huge in Gods kingdom. God always examines our hearts about Jesus and others. He
wants to know why you come to His son. Why Jesus? The Father wants to know how you see His Son. What do you believe He can and wants to do. Moreover, since you believe it, do you expect what you believe about Him. In 2019, we need to present this Jesus to a world in desperate need of Him.
They came to HEAR Him. They believed He spoke to people and into people’s lives. They were astonished at His words. The people came from various regions, from afar, and some sacrificed to hear Him. For they
valued what He had to say. His words were life to them. His words changed their lives. Jesus still speaks life-changing words in 2019…to all of us. Do what you have to, to hear from Him. They also came to be healed of Him. He is still the Healer. They knew that He loves to see His people well.
He healed them by the thousands. He is still the same in 2019. Do not be convinced otherwise. They also came to be delivered from their bondages and set free from satanic activities. Demons and destructive bondages were real then and are real today. We tend to give these issues educational context and learned descriptions but they are destructive nonetheless. Jesus still sets the captives free. He wants you and your loved ones free. Let us come to Him just like the people from Judea and Jerusalem as well as
those from the seacoast of Sidon and Tyre. Come to be free. Come because you know you will walk away free. The Bible declares in these Scriptures that when they came to be touched of Him that power went out of Him and they were healed and set free. All of them. I trust you can take this Powerful Jesus into 2019.

God Bless.
Together in His Service.
William Coraizin