The Pacaclete of Pentecost

Jesus made a startling announcement to His disciples in John chapter 14. This He confirmed in John chapter 15 and chapter 16. Do yourself a favour and read these passages aloud, pondering as you read. Firstly, He tells them that He is going away. Secondly He informs them that its to their advantage. Thirdly He…
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Time to stand in the gap In the book of Ezekiel there is a Scripture that got my attention when I was in my early twenties. In chapter 22:30 it states: ‘So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the…
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The Passover Series

Time to consider change I started of with the Passover series focusing on the title as: ‘The Plagues, the Punishment the Passover and the Pardon.’ It’s a catchy title and during this time of Corona Virus and the Passover period this made for good words that people would search for on a You Tube Platform.…
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Letter from Pastor Willam – April 2020

Dear Church Family and Friends of Bethany It has been almost four months since we last communicated on this platform. I trust that this letter finds all of you in good health. We certainly miss you and miss having church as an assembly. The talk of the town these days is health and healthy living…
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Prayer as a believing family: Additional prayer items on your daily list.

Thanks for the overwhelming support for our first broadcast this past Sunday. We’ve had good feedback and responses from as far as Norway and the rest of Europe. ‘Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.’ During this time of lockdown please include these items in your daily prayer schedule. Its important to pray as one…
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Letter from Pastor Willam – May 2019

Dear Church Family and Friends of Bethany Its good to sit down and communicate with you all again. This year seems to run away from all of us. Before you know it, months have slipped by and so much still needs to be done. Fortunately the Lord is never slow, neither late. He anticipates our…
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